Happy Music Monday! Today we have another melody from Wayward Manor. The Maid’s theme features one of my favorite instruments, the accordion. How does this theme compare to the the Goon’s, Brat's or the Twin’s?

In case you forgot, each week leading up to Wayward Manor’s release we are sharing a character theme.

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Website Changes!

You may have noticed The Odd Gentlemen website/tumblr has been going through some layout changes. We’re busy working behind the scenes to give the site a much needed make-over. You know, blog botox! So please excuse our mess while we make the site pretty. This won’t affect our blog posts or anything like that.

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Wayward Manor :: The Brat’s Spooky Textures

Wayward Manor is about a ghost trying to scare out the inhabitants of a house, but that’s not the spookiest thing about this game. Want to be truly creeped out? Take a look at the textures we use for the models.


This is Hubert Budd, our little brat. And that’s what it would like if we unrolled Hubert — gross, I know. This might look weird if you’ve never seen a texture like this before. Basically, we create paintings of all the needed colors and some definition into a square painting. With games, we need to keep these squares as small as possible so we want to be efficient with how we lay out a texture by using the same sections to texture different parts of the model.

For instance, even though the brat wears a large cape, all the pieces to make it are on the right by the eye.¬†And, if you want, you can stare into those blank eye sockets until you’re really creeped out. Let’s just say, working on these late at night makes the ghost seem a lot less menacing.


And here is Hubert all rendered out and ready to cause some mischief.

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It’s Music Monday here at The Odd Gentlemen so we’ve got another musical treat for you. This time we’re excited to share the theme music for the Brat. This melody features the oboe.

In case you missed our last Music Monday posts, we’re posting the different musical themes for the characters of Wayward Manor. We’ve already posted the Twin’s Theme and the Goon’s Theme. Check them out!

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It’s just another Music Monday here at The Odd Gentlemen. Feast your ears on another character theme from Wayward Manor. This time we have the Goon’s Theme. Can you tell which instrument is being used in this number?

Spoiler: it’s the tuba.

In case you missed it, last week we posted the Twin’s Theme.

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