Wayward Manor is Available For Pre-Order in the Humble Store


Our next project, Wayward Manor, will be released in the Humble Store. This is really great news for gamers who were planning on getting this game and also want to give a little back to those in need. 10% of the proceeds from the Humble Store will go to charity. If you pre-order from Humble you’ll receive a Steam key when the game is released. You can pre-order now!

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TOGcast Episode 3: Baby, It’s a Wayward World

TOGcast: The Odd Gentlemen Podcast, episode 3, is here! On this episode The Odd Gentlemen team talks about their favorite video game worlds like DayZ, Skyrim and of course, Wayward Manor. Check out TOGcast now!

TOGcast is the official podcast of indie game developer, The Odd Gentlemen. This week on TOGcast Matt Korba, Lindsey Rostal, and Nikole Zivalich are back and this time in high def! Well, the sound quality is at an all time high thanks to our sound engineer, Ben Stanton. Ben makes up half of The Stanton Brothers. They’ve composed every The Odd Gentlemen game to date.They also provided our snazzy new theme song.

We recently met up Neil Gaiman, our Wayward Manor collaborator. He told us how alive the manor in Wayward Manor felt. This led to a discussion on our favorite video game worlds, settings that told a story and how developers can make a world feel alive.

If you have suggestions, questions or whatever, just send an email to TOGcast@theoddgentlemen.com or tweet us @TheOddGentlemen.

Games mentioned: Wayward Manor, Banjo & Kazooie, Super Mario 64, DayZ, Skyrim, and more.

*in case you want to hear Bust a Bucket in all its glory: link

Dear Dev Diary Episode 2 is here! This time I’m going tell you all about the magical world of indie games. Do you wanna work in indie games? Yes, you do! Now that I’ve convinced you, here are some tips for applying to work in games. Plus I asked some of The Odd Gentlemen developers for advice on getting a job as an engineer, an artist and a producer.

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Wayward Manor :: Meet Freaky Tiki


Freaky Tikis, aka Shield Guys, are warriors carved from wood.They were acquired during Theophilus Budd’s many hunting trips to remote lands. In Level 2, gamers will come across the Hunting Chambers where these warriors are displayed. It’s this part of the house Theophilus Budd dedicates most of his time. He often spends his day admiring his trophies, remembering the thrill of the hunt.

Freaky Tikis were inspired by a mix of different African warrior masks as well as Tiki statues from the Pacific Islands. This is just the base model but soon they will be textured and painted to look like wood carvings.

When you posses the statues with your ghost powers, as ghosts do, they will come to life. How will you manipulate these warriors to do your ghostly bidding?

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Gameplay Engineers, We Need You!


The Odd Gentlemen are creating a new pleasantly dark title and are looking for talented engineers to help bring it to life. Are you a passionate developer who cares about mechanics, story, and style and how to meld all of those together? Do you enjoy burritos? Okay, that last one isn’t as important, but we really like burritos. Do you want to create unique experiences within fantastical worlds? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out the job details below, and send us your resume and a cover letter at jobs@theoddgentlemen.com. Or if this one isn’t a fit for you, follow us on Twitter for all the latest Odd Gentlemen news and job openings.

Title: Gameplay Engineer

Job Summary:
 We are looking for an engineer who wants to be part of a creatively focused independent game studio. We’re starting a next-generation console title and looking for a great team to help create it.

    •    Develop unique and innovative gameplay systems
    •    Create and collaborate on tools and pipelines
    •    Work closely with the design team to specify, document, design, implement, profile, optimize and debug gameplay systems
    •    Rapidly iterate on mechanics, tools, etc. to constantly refine game
    •    In early stages of development, create prototypes to quickly get to the core fun factor of an idea
    •    Integrate platform specific requirements and maintain up-to-date knowledge of changes to the platforms.
    •    Able to actively contribute to a creative environment and work as a team
    •    Implement UI and HUD framework

Desired Skills and Experience
    •    A passion for innovative games
    •    Able to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without constant supervision
    •    Ensure quality & consistency for the game from the inside out
    •    Proficient in C++, C#, and Visual Studio
    •    Knowledge of Assembly is a plus
    •    Experience writing shell scripts or other tools to automate tasks
    •    Experience working with Unreal
    •    2 shipped titles. Preferably on a multiplatform title
    •    2+ years experience coding for games, console development preferred
    •    Passion for games and game development
    •    B.S. Degree or higher in Computer Science or related field